South Coast Family Harbor would like to give a giant thank you to the following foundations for their support of the Infant Program beginning in the Fall of this year. The program is for child care of children 6 weeks to 2 years old.  This is because our community is a child care desert.  We have less child care slots available than are needed in our community, especially for infants 2 and under.  We will be starting off with 8 slots and opening more as we can.  We will also be offering an additional classroom serving Infants in the coming year through our Relief Nursery Program.  All of these grants are to help fund the start up costs of the Infant Program.

Thank you to the following Foundations:

$10,000 from the Keiser Fund
$2,000 from SWOMS Foundation
$6,000 from Three Rivers Foundation
$2,500 from MDU Foundation
$1,500 from the Pacific Power Foundation
$25,000 from Oregon Community Foundation
$18,000 from the Lamb Foundation
$10,000 from the Stamper Fund
$5,000 from Bay Area Hospital Foundation
$10,000 from the Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe of Indians Foundation

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