1) What is a Relief Nursery?

1a) Relief Nurseries are non-profit child abuse and neglect prevention programs proven to strengthen high-risk families and keep young children safe. They are funded by a combination of public and private partnerships. Relief Nurseries help stop cycles of child abuse and neglect with a blend of therapeutic early childhood services and holistic family supports.



2) What are the main characteristics of a Relief Nursery?

2a) * Respect and flexibility in meeting families’ immediate needs and long-term goals.

* Therapeutic early childhood classrooms for children 0 – 6, with a high ratio of adults to children. (South Coast Family Harbor currently serves children 2–4 years of age)

* Interwoven services and partnerships between families, staff and other services provided through home visits and on-site participation.


3) What family needs may be addressed by a Relief Nursery?

3a) Relief Nursery programs provide support with:

* Child development and parenting education

* Special education services for their child/ren

* Therapeutic support for their child/ren

* Positive goal setting and reaching of those goals

* Addiction recovery

* Everyday life skills

* Other basic supports for the many stresses that affect families in our community


4) How is a Relief Nursery different from Head Start/Early Head Start (HS/EHS)?

4a) A Relief Nursery is not a standardized government program and has more flexibility to meet the needs of each individual child and their family. Relief Nurseries can partner with HS/EHS to serve children who are not successful in HS/EHS classrooms or have needs that require more intensive interactions and services than HS/EHS can provide. These children may eventually “graduate” from a Relief Nursery into a HS/EHS program.


5) How will South Coast Family Harbor operate?

5a) South Coast Family Harbor is a certified Relief Nursery governed by a Board of community volunteers that include parents, community “child champions”, educators, business, medical, social service, and civic leaders. The Board oversees programming, ensures fiscal responsibility and stability, and adherence to the quality indicators for Relief Nurseries.


6) How can I be involved in South Coast Family Harbor ?

6a) The opportunities to be involved are as diverse as our community!

* Spend time with children in the classroom

* Work in the kitchen

* Teach skills to parents

* Screen children for health or developmental milestones

* Help provide daily necessities for families

* Join the Board of directors

* Donate gifts or cash

* Talk to your friends about South Coast Family Harbor


Contact us with any other ideas that you may have. Many families in our community need your participation and support.